Why Swap?

We all buy things, maybe some of us a lot for various reasons.
Maybe we like them, could be out of necessity, sometimes it’s just because it made our life convenient.
However, everything has a limited period of utility.
Every item we buy has its own peak utility “season” where we use it every day or very frequently and then gradually it fades.

We evolve with our likes/interests/needs & so do the products we use. Often it just could be because we found something
more convenient or just that there is a better product with better design which best suits your needs for today.

Now, we all have been there, where we had to sell the things once we really liked, which really made our life convenient for
a price lot less than its value just because there was no alternative option.

We at Swapshop want to give everyone an opportunity to value your product.
We help you Swap the product you valued with another product which you equally value.

The brand/price/age is no more a concern. Everything that matters is whether Swappers like & agree with each other. 

Maybe you have a lot of small things, why not stack them together & Swap it as a set for something you like?

You will always end up with things you liked!