Is uploading items on Wyldecrest Swap Shop free?

There are no fees for uploading your items and selling them on Wyldecrest Swap Shop. It's free!

This means that once you’ve posted your item and have decided to sell it or swap it with another user, you decide your own payment options and keep 100% of your money.

How Can I get some help?

While we have tried to explain the various steps in detail, we understand that there may be some questions.

Please email us at support@wyldecrestswapshop.com and we will get in touch with you.

How do I get an item I like when I don’t have anything to swap in return?

We understand that you may like items and either not have anything to swap in return or the other user may not need what you have.

In such a scenario we recommend getting in touch with the other user by sending a message.

We hope that then you could find out a way to conclude the transaction?

Can I buy an item listed on the site?

The main aim of the website is for users to swap items. However in the scenario that one of the users doesn’t have anything to swap in return, we recommend that the users correspond with each other with the help of the messaging service we provide.

The users can then decide the terms of exchange of their goods.

Wyldecrest is not responsible for any money paid /items exchanged.

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